Things to do in Christmas in Valencia!

Things to do in Christmas in Valencia!

Things to do in Christmas in Valencia!


If you are in Valencia in Christmas there are lot of things to visit or to do in our beautiful city!

Things to visit:
Visit Playa Ayuntamiento, on this square is standing a big Christmas tree, with ice skating rink.

Mercado Colon, in this Shopping Centre and you can find a big Christmas crib, but also do some shopping and drink some drinks with your family or friends.

The Cathedral, here you can also find a big Christmas crib, also in front of the Cathedral there will be a little market with typical Valencia sweets.

The City of Arts and Science, this part of the city is always nice but in Christmas it’s even more special. You can find an ice rink next to the museum, a market full of jewellery and food trucks as well!

For Children will be lot of activities in Christmas

Circus, in Christmas time there are lot of circuses in Valencia. Here are the best ones:

Circo Gran Felle, a special show with magical and impossible journey to an unknown destination.

Gran Circo Wonderland, this is the 12th year that this circus will be in Valencia, you have Clowns and Acrobatics, and a Tarzan, which makes you feel you are in the real jungle!

Besides Circuses, you have other places to go with children:

Funfair, a place near to the harbour where you will find different attractions, cool stands, delicious food and a ferries wheel. It is wonderful to spend some time here with the whole family.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas in Valencia!

¡Feliz Navidad y hasta pronto!

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