Welcome to The River Hostel’s blog!

Welcome to The River Hostel’s blog!

¡Hola chicos!

Welcome to The River Hostel’s blog! 🙂

In this very first blog, we would like to introduce ourselves and our hostel! Now you’ll know who is behind all those great upcoming stories ;). The River Hostel opened its doors about six years ago and we are proud to say that we have become one of the most prominent hostels in Valencia! With over 170 beds we are one of the bigger hostels around the city, but despite our size we still value every guest, wanting them to feel as if they are at home. We have a great common area in which you can hang out with other guests, this way you can easily meet interesting people from all over the world!

Our crew has about six permanent employees who do the most ‘behind the scenes work. The rest of our crew – most of our receptionists and bar employees – are enthusiastic interns/volunteers/travelers looking for a temporary place to call home. Thanks to this combination of employees, we have an international crew of people who are all happy to go out of their way to give our guests the best hostel experience they ever had!

On this blog we will keep you all updated on anything that is happening in our hostel – you will get to know our staff, learn about our activities and the events in Valencia, and we will write about any other news related to our hostel.

We hope you will enjoy reading our stories!

Hasta luego,

The River Hostel 🙂