10 Spanish phrases you should know

10 Spanish phrases you should know




Being on vacation in Valencia is of course a great experience! Especially, when you are able to make some small talk with locals. Blending in with locals can make your travel experience even better. De Spaniards are very friendly and love it when someone tries to speak in Spanish, so don´t be shy or scared if you speak or pronounce it wrong. The coming Spanish phrases will help you as a tourist in any Spanish speaking country (except for Barcelona).

  1. Hello, good morning, good evening, good night, bye see you!

Spanish: Hola, buenas día/bon día, buenas tardes, buenas noches, adiós, hasta luego!.

These are the common greetings in Spain. Bon dia is particular for in Valencia, because it is in the dialect Valencien, which is only spoken in the province Valencia.


  1. Hi, I am trying to find my hostel/hotel could you help me? This is the address.

Spanish: Hola! Estoy tratando de encontrar mi hostel/hotel, usted me podría ayudar? Esta es la dirección.

Sometimes a hostel or hotel can be difficult to find. The easy way is just to ask the people where you can find it.


  1. Where is the nearest beach?

Spanish: Donde está la playa más cercana?

If you think about Spain you think about the beach. When you stay in Valencia being in the city center is the best when you want to experience the atmosphere of the city. Therefore it is also very important to know where the beach is. Of course you can use Google maps, but it is such a shame to get high internet costs while being abroad or miss out on the opportunity to practice your Spanish.


  1. Can you reccommend a cool bar nearby?

Spanish: Me recomiendas un bar cerca de aquí?

Everyone loves to go to a cool bar or club and the locals know the best places in town!


  1. I like a beer/sangría/wine, please. Thank you.

Spanish: Quiero un(a) cerveza/sangría/vino por favor. Gracias.

And if you need more than one go further dos, tres, cuatro, cinco etc.


  1. My name is…. What is your name? Nice to meet you.

Spanish: Me llamo….. Como se llama? Encantada/o.

To start a small talk it is always nice to know each other’s name. Spanish people also really like to know where you as a tourist come from.


  1. You are very beautiful!

Spanish: Eres muy guapa/o!

A Little bit of flirtation might happen when on vacation. 😉 You can respond in two ways thank you (gracias) or you too (tu también). Who knows what will come out of a little flirtation…..


  1. You want to dance?

Spanish: Quieres bailar?

Give it a change and ask someone to dance. Spanish people tend to be good dancers. Let yourself be lead and dance the night away.


  1. How can I find you on Facebook/Instagram?

Spanish: Cómo puedo encontrarte en Facebook/Instagram?

When meeting locals you might make new friends and of course you would like to add them on your social media networks.


  1. I am not good in Spanish, do you speak English?

Spanish: No soy bueno hablando español, hablas ingles?

If it really doesn’t work out in Spanish you can always ask them to talk in English. Most people are able to talk a Little bit of English.


We hope these phrases will help you on your visit. And who knows we will see you soon!

Hasta luego!

The River hostel team