Common Areas

Enjoy our common areas, which include a bar where you can have breakfast buffet from €3,90 when you pay in advance or €4,40 if you pay the same day. Our breakfast buffet offers a lot of options, as well as free coffee until 11AM, so feel free to indulge to start your day off strong!

We have food and snacks, as well as a wide variety of beers from around the world at a great price. The River Hostel also offers several free activities every day. Our common areas also include a full screen projector where you can enjoy sports matches, watch a movie or play PlayStation against other guests! Take a break and meet new people, the homely and relaxed atmosphere in the hostel will take care of the rest for you!

If you want to rest, or enjoy a cup of coffee, you can enjoy our chill out area with comfortable couches to lounge on. The elevator is nearby as well, so you can easily retreat to your room for more rest. Or if you feel like exploring the city, the exit is right around the corner with multiple interesting places to visit within walking distance!

Our reception is open 24h, and our bathrooms are very spacious and gender separated. Read more about what perks The River Hostel offers here.